How to find a job in Finland if you are not Finnish

16.02.2021 kl. 11:54
Need to find a job in Finland?

Do you have to be able to speak Finnish? Which companies are worth contacting first? Are there unwritten rules that are good to know?

This Friday the Women's Café in English is open online, and the guest for the day is careercoach Yvonne Westerlund from Uraklinikka

We start at 12 o'clock on Friday 19.2.

The link to the meeting will be posted in the Women's Café in English whatsapp discussionthread. Join the group by sending an e-mail with your phonenumber to To her you can also send questions about jobseerch in advance, or you can send the questions straight to Yvonne

Yvonne would love to have some questions from you in advance.

Welcome to take part in the Women's Café in English online meeting!

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