It will be fine, but how?

17.03.2021 kl. 22:36
This Friday 19.3 at 12 the Women's Café in English is open online, and the guest for the day is Mia Hafrén.

Welcome to an interactives session on issues relating to the time we are living with.

  • Restrictions, zoomfatique, how to come out of despair and hopelessness - especially when som many things to do that might help are not available?
  • How to move trough feelings of culture shock and homesickness?
  • How to manage loss of identity that comes with leaving or losing one's job, especially when it's not easy to find new work?

Mia is a solutinfocused therapist and will give us ideas on how to start feeling more in change. 

The link to the meeting will be posted in the Women's Café in English whatsapp discussionthread. Join the group by sending an e-mail with your phonenumber to  

Hope to see you on Friday!

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