Svenska Kvinnoförbundet i Sörnäs

Svenska Kvinnoförbundet is a liberal feminist organisation working for gender equality in Helsinki, Finland and globally. The goal of our feminist politics is a society free from violence, discrimination, sexism and racism, where human rights are respected and gender does not limit our choices and opportunities. We also arrange family cafés and other activities for families in Helsinki and support women in local and national elections. 

Become a member

By becoming a member you support our work to build a society where women participate at all levels and in all areas of decision-making and you get a chance to meet women with similar believes.

If you live in Finland, you can easily become a member by filling out this form (Choose Sörnäs as local committee) As a member, you will receive our newsletter and get invitations to seminars and events.

Fill out the form or contact us via phone or e-mail on or +358505381594.