Sisters without borders - Systerskap utan gränser

28.03.2018 kl. 11:01
Welcome to the Finland première of the documentary film Sisters!
Välkommen på dokumentärfilmen Sisters!

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The film "Sisters" is a documentary film about the extraordinary connection of cultures of the East and the West. It is a film about dreams, faith in change and freedom. The film follows the lives of three sisters: Gaisu, Zohra and Parastu. Through the story of the sisters, we discover the dark and bright side of women's lives in Afghanistan. The traditional mentality forbids them to work, learn, leave the house without a husband or relative and even go to the doctor. However, they have their own resistance strategies and fight for independence. This film is an extraordinary journey into the Afghan women's world watched by the Polish women, activists from the Association of Active Women who went to Afghanistan to support their sisters in the name of solidarity, to work together on the project "Young Women for Change", to strengthen the leaders of change and shoot a valid movie. That's how the sisters ties up.

After the film there will be a panel in English to discuss the current situation of the women in Afghanistan and what the future may hold for them.

The panel:

Anne Meskanen, Finnish Ambassador for Equality Issues, equality questions

Monika Sobańska, producer of the documentary film Sisters

Eeva Koskinen reporter and Coordinator of the Learning Together-project by Women journalists in Finland

Moderator: Anna Jungner-Nordgren. Chairwoman of Svenska Kvinnoförbundet

Arrangör/The event is arrange by Svenska Kvinnoförbundets internationella utskott and Svenska Kvinnoförbundet i Sörnäs

We start with a small cocktail at 5 pm. 

The event is for free but there is a limited amount of tickets. You can book your ticket from the 3.4.2018 at 12.00 am by a link we will post here or by email to