Listening skills

12.02.2024 kl. 10:17
Next Friday 16.2 at Women's Café in English we will cover the important topic of listening. We can all teach ourselves to become better at listening to others - and ourselves too.

Do you sometimes feel you do not know what to say when someone is venting or telling you about something very important to them? Like losing someone, being depressed, thinking about divorce or something very happy? The fine line between being a good friend and being someones therapis can be hard to draw.

Or do you often get trapped in debates about politics? Important discussions about the society can sometimes get tough.  

Join Women's Café in English for an interactive session on listening! Our cafecoordinator Jessika Luther is the administrator of the day.

As usual the meeting starts at 12 but we have a new location. We meet on floor 1 in Luckan Helsingfors, Yrjönkatu 27. Just show up, no registration needed.

We serve coffee and tea and something to snack on. The Women's Café in English -meetings are organised in a relaxed, informal way around a cup of tea or coffee. Make new friends and get involved in what is happening locally. Welcome!

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Fredrika Biström