Your story, your way: a writing workshop for personal storytelling

08.04.2024 kl. 15:17
This Friday 12.4 at Women's Café in English we have the pleasure to represent Naakai A. as the guest of the day. She will give us a workshop about writing.

In her own words:

This workshop is open to all, no matter your experience level with writing, whether you’re in the middle of a project or still coming up with ideas, or even if you find writing scary but want to find a way through that fear.

We’ll use prompts and short exercises to practice writing in your unique voice and style, and will also explore:

  • Finding the right format for the story you want to tell
  • Misconceptions about writer’s block / embracing your own working style as a writer
  • Honoring your authentic voice
  • Knowing when to stop editing and start sharing your work Bio

Naakai A is a Ghanaian-American writer, editor, visual artist, and writing coach with 12+ years of professional experience writing all kinds of things. She's received a Master’s Degree in Creative Writing from Trinity College, Dublin and studied linguistics and modern languages as an undergraduate. She loves helping people to write from the most authentic, intentional, and empowered place possible. 

As usual the meeting starts at 12. We meet on floor 1 in Luckan Helsingfors, Yrjönkatu 27. Just show up, no registration needed.

We serve coffee and tea and something to snack on. The Women's Café in English -meetings are organised in a relaxed, informal way around a cup of tea or coffee. Make new friends and get involved in what is happening locally. Welcome!

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Fredrika Biström