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Love Your Cycle!

13.05.2020 kl. 09:31
Did you know that depending on the phase of the cycle that you’re at, your emotions, interests, energy levels and many other things, shift?

Welcome to join "Love Your Cycle" with Carmen Lorenzana this Friday 15.5 att 12.30 live on the Facebook page Quarantine Women's Café in English

During the chat with Carmen we’ll talk about the menstrual cycle as an amazing sustainability system of four phases that can help you to know yourself better, boost your creativity, and deeply tap into your intuition.

Having an awareness of the very unique patterns in your cycle can be a game changer!

We tend to see the menstrual cycle like a hassle, but there’s actually a powerful way to flow with the natural rhythms of your body. It’s possible to help your hormones work for and not against you.

About me:
Carmen Lorenzana is a women’s coach and menstrual educator. Learning to honor the natural rhythms of her body was a game-changer for her, and now her mission is to help other women to better understand their cycle and have a meaningful menstrual experience.
More about her and what she’s up to here:

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