Self Defence with Iris - Pride Edition 28.6

26.05.2023 kl. 09:48
A workshop about personal safety as a minority on Wednesday 28th June at 3-5pm.

How to be more assertive, aware and confident? How does being part of a minority (language, identity, sexual orientation...) affect personal safety?

In this workshop we will cover prevention, awareness and include some simple techniques anyone can try. You will be guided by Mixed Martial Artist & Health coach Iris Vos.

You do not need any prior experience, simply show up as you are. This is a safe space workshop. If you have any questions, feel welcome to reach out.

The workshop is in English and free of charge. Everyone attending sign up in advance, link below. The workshop is arranged by Svenska Kvinnoförbundet i Sörnäs and our representatives on site speak Swedish.

Link to registration

Warm welcome!



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