Basics on podcasting (Zoom) 22.1

18.01.2021 kl. 11:44
Our guest at Women's Café in English this Friday 22.1.2021 at 13-14 is Maryna Mikhuta. We will meet on Zoom.

Welcome to join the Women's Café in English -meeting trough Zoom with information about podcasting! Our guest of the day sends greetings to all of you who plan to participate: 

My name is Maryna Mikhuta and I can be referred to as Ms or as Master of Arts. I am a communication specialist, linguist, and media specialist. 

The workshop we will be having on Friday 22.1 at 13-14 will be dedicated to basics of podcasting. I will explain how to

  • choose the topic or to narrow it down
  • how to structure your podcast
  • what is meant by the format
  • why all of those are important when you start your own or your project's podcast.

The workshop will include the presentation and the Q&A time.

Do you want to participate? Send an e-mail to coordinator Jessika jessika@kvinnoforbundet.fi and she will send you the link. Welcome to join!

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