Downshifting and non-shopping with Cecilie Sundling

31.05.2021 kl. 14:08
On Friday June 4th at 12 o'clock Women's Café in English is open and the guest of the day is Cecilie Sundling.

Join the Women's Café in English digital meeting on zoom and get more information about minimalism, downshifting and non-shopping. 

In Cecilies own words:

"Coming from a very materialitic family, something changed when I had my first son. I have been on the minimalist path for the last 7 years. Also being a political scientist enganged in the climate discussions I know a lot of the background research/facts."

The Zoomlink will be posted in our Whatsapp group and on the Women's Cafè in English Networking Facebook group.

If you want to join the Whatsapp group please send an email to Welcome!

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