Self Defense for Women

06.04.2022 kl. 13:04
Join Women's Cafe in English at LillaLuckan Friday 8.4 at 12 for a cup of coffee and a session about self defence!

It is time to get out of our comfortable homes and to experience late nights and adventures. Is it safe, what can I do to be more confident as I walk home or other places?

Iiris from flowNomads will guide us, here are her own words:

"I am a black-belt judo teaching self defense classes & workshops, and have been doing different styles of martial arts throughout life, ending up in cage-fights and boxing stadiums in Thailand. Martial Arts have brought me an undeniable sense of confidence, strength and perseverance that no one can take away from me. Because of the benefits it has brought to me, I am driven to pass on the teachings of these Arts to those who are open to it!"

We open at 12 noon and closes at 14. The Women's Café in English is located at LillaLuckan, Yrjönkatu 27, second floor in Helsinki. Just show up, no registration needed.

The Women's Café in English -meetings are organised in a relaxed, informal way around a cup of tea or coffee. Make new friends and get involved in what is happening locally. 

Please, follow us on Instagram at kvinnis_sornas and in the facebookgroup Women’s Café in English Networking to get the latest information.

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The cafe is organized by Svenska Kvinnoförbundet i Sörnäs in collaboration with Luckan Integration.

Warm welcome!

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